Thursday, May 13, 2010

Slooh Space Photographs

For those of you who doesn't know what is Slooh: it is an Internet-based telescope service. Registered users are able to follow the three Slooh telescopes, set up in three distant parts of the world (Spain, Chile, and Australia). Though you can request time with the telescopes, mostly you just follow pre-programmed coordinates and listen to the narrator (Bob Berman) explaining what you see. It is pretty much like an interactive multimedia software, except that you see live feed from real telescopes. If you became interested follow this link; they have a free trial.

In the meantime, here are some pictures I have taken with Slooh's service (click on them for a larger view):

Orion Nebula (M 42)

Flame Nebula (NGC 2024)

Tarantula Nebula (NGC 2070)

Ring Nebula (M 57)

Starburst Galaxy (M 82)

Trifid Nebula (M 20)

Dumbbell Nebula (M 27)

Omega Centaury (NGC 5139)

Half Moon


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