Thursday, May 29, 2014

Backpacking through Japan - Day 6

My picture blog continues with day six.

Entrance of Chion-in Buddhist temple

Stairway that leads to the temple complex

One-story pagoda in Chion-in

Beautiful building in Chion-in

And another one...

You can go quite high into the mountains within the temple

At the Zen garden of Chion-in

Small sub-shrines at the Yasaka Shrine

Student eating lunch at a park

Geishas in Kyoto's Higashiyama district

Higashiyama, Kyoto

The Yasaka pagoda in Higashiyama

The large Kannon statue at Ryōzen Kannon

Another geisha in Higashiyama

Entrance of the Kiyomizu-dera Buddhist temple

Bonshō, large hanging bell in Kiyomizu-dera

The panorama of Kyoto from the temple

The Gion district at night

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