Thursday, June 12, 2014

Backpacking through Japan - Day 10

My picture blog continues with day ten.

Okunoin cemetery after rain in the morning

Stone monuments and a torii

Jiz┼Ź statues

A mount made of hundreds of statues

A lesser known path in Okunoin


One of the hundreds of giant cedars

Mausoleum in Okunoin

Okunoin has an almost otherworldly atmosphere

Inside Kongobu-ji Buddhist temple

Zen Buddhist Stone garden

The garden from a different angle

The grounds of the Danjo Garan temple complex

Konpon Daito, the great pagoda

Buildings in Danjo Garan

Danjo Garan Saito

A Buddhist temple in Koyasan

Various Buddhist religious figures

Lanterns at a Buddhist temple

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